Andy is absolutely amazing to work with in every aspect. This past winter, we had the snow plow service. This year was hands down the best snow plow service I've ever experienced. On top of professional and high quality work, working with Andy on the billing end was also phenomenal. Andy was extremely communicative and transparent on any upcoming bills and invoices. I can not stress enough how amazing Unique Exteriors was to work with this past winter, and we look forward to working with them for years to come.

Samantha L.

Unique Exteriors was extremely flexible, their customers service was SO great for such a crazy COVID summer. The pricing was reasonable for the attention to detail we received on our lawn. I'm looking forward to using them in the spring for our yard cleanup!

Michelle J.

It has been a pleasure working with Andy at Unique Exteriors. Honesty and Integrity is what you will get. There was an instance recently where he drove by property expecting to give it a plow but it wasn't required. Rather than just plowing it and charging me, he was honest and communicated a plow wasn't required. Saving me $$. I have a rental property that has many tenants and many vehicles. Andy also always gives the tenants plenty of notice before coming to plow the parking area.

Adam S.

Very trustworthy service, and the communication is great! I wholeheartedly recommend unique exteriors of Minnesota.

Robert H.

Andy is an expert when it comes to all things cleaning and sealing. He can handle anything from small patio and driveway jobs up to larger commercial projects. I have referred him for many jobs over the years and my customers have been blown away by his level of professionalism and the transformations of their project's.

Michael G.

Andy is an awesome person to work with. He does a great job with all the details and his work is superior. He is trustworthy to do what he says and I highly recommend him.

Marcia G.